Posted Earlier But Lost: Back To Square One With Mason County.

Let’s see if I have this right: Jenny N. at the Planning Dept is insisting we hire a company to come out and measure the little wires that will be sticking in the shell (used to measure how much shotcreet is sprayed) and said company (located in Tacoma) will have to come out EACH DAY for 10-18 days at a cost of $45/hr (minimum 4 hours) AND travel expenses each of those days to measure how much shotcreet has been sprayed that day. We have to hire this company because the Inspectors for the Planning Department have not been taught to read a ruler and cannot be taught to read one to measure these wires with any degree of competency NOR will they allow SWMBO or I (who can read a ruler very well) do the measuring ourselves. Well, let’s just add that to the list…
This on top of having to hire a company to take several ‘cores’ of the shotcreet at $400 per because the Planning Department can insist on the tests but are incapable of doing said tests.
This on top of the Planning Department talking to ONLY their ‘experts’ (you know – people that have built swimming pools but have NO experience with cement DOMES) and not to one of the folks we’ve suggested they talk to. Plus putting any decisions on our place on a back burner for a couple of weeks until the new Manager came on.
I’ll tell you: it’s MY opinion that these people don’t know if their heads are buried in the sand or up their butts. (I’d vote for their butts.) I have never seen a more incompetent group of people in one office. (And I’ve seen a LOT of offices. I was in the NAVY for cripes sake!) You’d think anyone would want folks to build more energy efficient, safer stronger homes in their county and be happy to be in that county. Not to mention the bucks these folks would bring in! But these folks seem to have only THEIR butts, and jobs, in mind. I believe they believe if they can make it SO complicated that no one can possibly understand or comply with their ‘rules’ then their jobs are secure. Not that actually DO anything. Seems Jenny N. has set up a series of BAD decisions but is too (proud? Stupid?) to change her mind so she has to keep coming up with things to make her BAD decisions seem legitimate. And she’s so far in that she CAN’T change her mind for fear of looking like she doesn’t know what the heck she’s doing. Mike and Emmet are just as useless as far as I’m concerned. Neither is willing (able?) to tell their workers to get of their butts and DO some research and actually TALK to people that know what the heck they’re doing. Seems strange the the Planning Department can require all these special inspections (read: expensive inspections) but have NO IDEA how to actually DO them themselves. And they charge you a LOT of money to do Nothing.
Am I getting bitter? You bet I am. Stupidity always gets me upset. If I had ran my sick bay this way I’d have been crapcanned early! “Sorry, you need a flu shot. I’ve been trained how to do it but insist you go to this doctor in town and pay $180 for it.” No, wait. That won’t work. I indicated training there. It’s pretty obvious that the Planning Department has NO training nor any desire to educate themselves. Sounds too much like work I guess…

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