Busy Busy Day!

Got up around 0730. Got on the phone at 0830. Called the company that is going to do our Special Inspections to get their registration number (they don’t have one). But they did e-mail me a copy of their certificate to operate. Called PUD3 (Dianne) to find out if they have to inspect the trench and wire/pipe Bob and I are going to put in Thursday. They don’t. However, Labor and Industries does! Labor and Industries? So I tried getting hold of someone there. No go. They all leave the office by 0830 to go out and do inspections. Got online to request an inspection. No go. You have to have a permit. Great.
Called Dianne at PUD3 to find out where I get the permit and how long it would take (visions of wasted time Thursday dancing in my head). Turns out I get the permit at Labor and Industries. Back to their website and $201 later I have a permit and a request for the inspection to be friday if possible.
Back on the phone (and internet) to track down where I get the Poly Pipe I need for water line. First question out of their mouths was “What size?”. I don’t freakin’ know. I’ll get back to you.
Called Nicholson Drilling (the folks that are going to install our well) and talked to Jim (who has actually been out to the site) and we talked about 15 minutes about preassure -vs- resistance and how I don’t want any turns in the water pipe if possible. What it boiled down to was I need 500 feet of 1 1/2″ 200 psi pipe. Back to the pipe companies.
Called several companies but the best price is a HD Fowlers just outside Gorst. At Hd Fowlers 500 feet of 1 1/2″ Poly pipe (with 3 fittings to hook them together) will run me about $1100. Phew!
Back on the phone (and internet) to track down the wire I have to run from where the transformer is to where the dome will be. First question out of their mouths was “How much?” then “Aluminium or copper??” About 500 ft and I don’t freakin’ know. I’ll get back to you. Called Dianne at PUD3 and we talked a few about wire. They set up for Aluminium but I need the 250MCM wire which is a bit more expensive than the normal wire they use. I need the ‘next-up’ size because of the distance from the transformer to the dome. Ok, thanks! What I saved in aluminium -vs- copper I more than made up for in guage.
Back to calling around for the best price on 250MCM wire. Wound up at North Coast Electric (Dennis) where 500 feet of 250MCM wire will run me $1955.78, 1-1000ft roll of direct bury tv cable $161 and 1-1000ft roll of direct bury phone cable for $299.06. Phew! You know what? I ought to go out and remeasure just to be sure this is what I need. I’ll get back to you.
Called Bob to let him know where I was in all this. Called my son to ask his help measuring (cause it’s hard holding both ends of a 100 ft measuring tape and getting an accurate distance measurement). Started to get some breakfast (about 1100 now) when Bob called back. Said he wasn’t doing anything so why doesn’t he go out and help me measure (and he wants to take a look at where he’ll be digging a trench). I’ll be over in a few minutes, Bob.
So we went out and remeasured. It turns out I need only 400 ft of electrical wire. Cool! But I need close to 700 feet of water line, tv cable and phone cable.
Two hours later I’m back on the phone with Dennis at North Coast Electric and my total order of 400 ft of 250MCM wire, tv cable and phone cable comes to ONLY $2169.22 (with taxes)! My Goodness! I get to pick it all up Thursday.
There aren’t too many days where I get (or want) to spend $3400!
So, finally (I think) I get to settle down and relax for a moment when the phone rings. It’s my son saying he can come and help and he wants to pick up some of his stuff. Thanks, but the measuring is already done. But he did come over and get some of his stuff. Well, he loaded it into my truck and I took it over to his place in Bremerton. ???
Finally got home and settled down around 1830. Aren’t y’all glad!?!

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