Damn! X 5 (X 2)!

FINALLY back online! We had one hell of a Hail storm yesterday that lasted for about 4 minutes. Major Hail, thunder, lightning, some wind. I tried taking a picture with SWMBO’s camera but the batteries were dead. MY camera was in the truck and there was NO WAY I was going to step out into the storm. Was kind of cool!


Anywho, our internet (and phone: The only bad thing about Vonage) went out. I bet I’ve rebooted the modem a hundred times since 1600 or so yesterday. It just would not connect. So this morning I hooked it up to a different cable connector in the wall and IT WORKS! Now I can check my e-mail! (All 7 e-mail addresses!!). Even better; my brother-in-law can continue to look for a job!!!
Finally got that ide controller card working and my other drives are working as usual. Had to hook the ’extra’ drives up to the secondary controller only and install the drivers for windows. Kind of slows down the boot process but it does work. Takes up 1 of 2 pci slots, but, oh well. Put a 4 port usb card in the other so I can plug all this other crap in. I’ll be damned glad when ’they’ finally get us wireless completely!
Winter has arrived early this year. The news folks are already talking about it snowing up to 15″ in one of the passes. It’s cool enough down here for me to have a small fire going in the woodstove. Bummer!!!

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