Sunday Sunday. So Good To Me…

Went to church for the first hour (of 3) as I usually do on any non-first Sunday of the month. And as usual most of the program was ruined for me by noisy kids. I’m on the verge of never going back again because of some parents un-willingness to tell/teach their kids to sit down and be quiet and their inability to take them out into the hall when the kids won’t. IMHO it’s just plain RUDE to the people around you that may really be interested in the talks but can’t concentrate on what’s being said because some kid is making too much noise and the parents won’t do anything to quiet them. So, am I wrong here or am I just getting old?

So, when Sister H. asked me to attend her class I was already more than ready to get the hell out of Dodge. Said she was not teaching the Gospel but instead was covering "Journeling" and had the feeling that I should attend. A couple of things immediately went through my mind:

a) What’s teaching or not teaching the Gospel got to do with it? Is my reputation so bad that folks won’t discuss the Gospel with me at all? Even though I don’t have the appariant level of belief that some folks seem to have are others afraid to mention the Gospel around me? Sure, I don’t usually invite discussions about Religion; but I don’t remember running away from it. Well, once my ex- and I finally split up.

And b) EVERY time I’ve "journaled" (read: kept a diary or tried to write down my life’s story) something bad has happened to me. I am not kidding! I have not had one good experience from writing about my life. I even sometimes worry about this blog (it is a form of journaling). Especially with my penchant for speaking my mind. Not to mention other people telling you how wrong /screwed up you are for feeling a certain way.

But I still felt bad on the way home and pretty much the rest of the day. Even when I have an aversion to something I have trouble saying ’no’ to folks. I will, but I sometimes don’t like it. I appreciate her "just having a feeling" that I should attend. Sorry I was unable to respond in a positive manner.

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