Magix Music Maker 11

Been playing with Magix Music Maker 11 all evening (and watching Dirty Jobs). You can check out my latest efforts at my Personal Site (see link at right). I think I do a pretty good job; for an old man. I really like this latest one! Every music ’loop’ I make starts out at around 30 seconds and ends up at least a full minute. I usually add some video effect and export it to .mov & .avi formats then convert one of them to an .swf file for posting. Unfortunately they’re usually about 12mb big! Thank goodness for broadband internet! These are not something you’d want to download at 2400 baud like when I first started (with the old BBS’). I get into a beat and can play with this program for hours!

Guess the storm we had yesterday was stronger than I thought. Trees down all over the area and people without power. I think this is the first time (since I’ve lived up here) that a storm of that magnitude hasn’t knocked out our power. All we had was that phone line downed. (That was fixed this morning so SWMBO didn’t have to drive in to work today. Cool!) The wind storm just didn’t seem that bad in our area. It’s supposed to be a lot cooler for the next few days so I’m keeping a fire going in the wood stove. Not hard to do but I sure will be glad when we get our dome built and away from the wood stove. Mostly because it keeps the house so dirty/sooty.

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