11.6 Inches Of Rain In 24 Hours!

11.6! Damn! Beat anything we had as far back as 1996 when we had that big ice storm. I have never seen it rain so much around here. I wanted to go out to the property today to check for damages but most of the roads are closed between here and there. The Tahuya River Bridge has washed out so I’d have to take the LONG way around through Tahuya anyway. (Damn. It is raining like crazy out there right now!)

Yesterday was a trip. Power went off at 0800. Came back on around 1000. Back off again around 1200. On again at 1500 or so. Off again at 2030. On again at 2110. Brownouts bad enough to shut my computer down between times of power or not. And of course I can’t get that damned generator started again. Damn!
Today a friend that lives about 30 minutes away called and asked if I could come over and fix the tarp they put over their roof to slow the leaks down. (They’re older than I and just barely ’making’ it. As a lot of us are…) The tarps blew off in the wind yesterday. So SWMBO and I gathered some tools together and went over. Wasn’t really too bad on their roof except for the SLIPPERY WET MOSS that covered most of the roof! Did what I could, got soaking wet and came on home. Got into something warm and dry immediately.

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