Large Bright UFO’s In Sky This Date!

One of them came out from behind the clouds today. It was bright! If you stood out of the breeze it was warm! It moved across the sky slowly. I tried getting a closer look at it with my binoculars. The Green Spots took hours to clear from my eyes. Then tonight a paler version of the first one came out and moved slowly across the sky. I was afraid to try to get a closer look at it with my binoculars cause I didn’t want any more green spots. There were a bunch of ’twinkly’ things up there also. I did try to get a closer look at them. They looked like ’twinkly’ things. It’s amazing what you can see in the sky when all that watery stuff isn’t falling…
Today was our 21st wedding anniversary! Cool! It’s hard to believe (sometimes) that we’ve known each other 23-24 years and been married 21. SWMBO’s still the best!
Played around with Terragen some this evening waiting for Smallville to come on. Smallville was a repeat so I installed Mambo my site to play with. So far Xoops seems easier to use and I like the look better. Now, what the hell am I going to do with them? I’m really seriously thinking of putting together a Disaster Preparedness site for everyone to learn from; but I don’t know. I don’t think anyone’s interested.

Think I’ll go practice Carrier take-offs and landings.

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