These Times. They Are A Interesting.

Joined this web service today that makes audio of your blog for folks to listen to. You sign up and they make an audio file and give you a "listen now" button. The voice gets things pretty close. I’ll have to change Olalla to O La La and SWMBO to swimbo (with a long o) but, hey, no biggie. They do need to get a sexy female voice though. Not that it will bring anyone to my blog. I guess I’m not like other bloggers though; I know MY blog is boring and probably doesn’t contribute anything to society in general. But who cares! I enjoy doing it.

Things are pretty normal for Sunday. Church for the first hour then home. Getting the rest of the laundry done. SWMBO (swimbo) decided to batch it so I didn’t even have to cook dinner! Cool! She’s taken over the tv so I’ve been watching trailers at I like having broadband internet!

Did all my cooking yesterday. Ground my own hamburger and made taco’s for the Missionaries. Them Boys Can Eat A Lot! Phew! But it was nice to have them over for awhile.

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