It’s Been SSDD…

So I haven’t posted. Really!

Saturday didn’t do anything but feed the Missionaries taco’s. Probably straightened up around the house but that’s pretty much a daily thing around here.

Sunday was a regular sunday. Church for the first hour then home. The rest of the day is a blur.

Monday: We spent New Year’s Eve as we usually do. Searching for a safe place to hide in the house from the falling bullets from those idiots that just have to fire their guns into the air to welcome the new year. Just kidding about the hiding part. Didn’t seem to be as many people shooting into the sky this year. No one went fully automatic this year. The guy with the mortar shot off only a dozen rounds or so. All in all a fairly quiet New Year’s Eve this year. SWMBO and I like to stay home (we’re not party people) and just be together for New Year’s.

Tuesday was pretty much SSDD. The Missionaries did stop by about 2000 just to visit for awhile.

Wednesday I got off my ass and went to the base and got a sticker for my car. Then I went to the Exchange and bought 3 expansion pacs for Flight Simulator X. OF COURSE I spent the rest of the day flying different aircraft! (Need you even wonder?!) SWMBO was off to the office for the day so she wasn’t around to yell at me to get off my butt and get things done. (That’s misleading though: She doesn’t yell at me at all.)

Thursday SWMBO and I went out and about to find a couple of things called "Chain Binders". They’re used to bind the chain when you tie something down for transport. We found some at a local feed store and got two. I’ll need them for this Saturday when I load my digger on a trailer to take it back out to the property. I want to get started on fixing the clearing and road. Probably should have started before the snow melted but couldn’t get my digger out there. Oh well.

Not much going on today. Just waiting until 1800 when we’re going to head out. We’re going to have something crunchy at Taco Hell then see "The Golden Compass" at the theater uphill. I didn’t get a whole lot of sleep last night cause of a migraine and have mixed feelings about going to see a movie; but I’ll be spending time with SWMBO and that’s always great.

Gotta Go!

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