We Have A Term In The Navy…

For a day like today. It’s called "CF".

Woke up early to find that the power had gone out for a couple of hours last night. Luckily I woke up early. Kim was supposed to be at the house around 0730 to go get the trailer I reserved to move the digger out to the property. He didn’t show up until after 0800; but I was glad he took the time to help me out. We had to stop by Home Depot and buy a 2 5/16" ball for his hitch and a pipe to help with the chain binders. Then he stopped for gas. Then it started to snow (really snow) just as we pulled into the rental place in Gig Harbor. So I got the trailer rented and we pulled around back and the yard worker refused to hook the trailer up to Kim’s truck. Said we needed a 3/4 ton (Kim’s truck is 1/2 ton) and a 3 point hitch. Damn! But we were really worried about the weather anyway so it didn’t come to a real disappointment that we couldn’t get the trailer. So Kim dropped me back at the house. After leaving Gig Harbor we didn’t see one flake of snow and barely any rain. Guess I just wasn’t meant to get my digger back to the property today.

Rest of the day was windy and rainy. Felt really cold when I made a run to Freddy’s. Thought for sure it would be snowing again but haven’t seen any all afternoon. Spent an hour or so cutting up chuck roast and grinding it into hamburger and getting it sucker bagged. Not a lot of fat in it. Then I trimmed and sucker bagged 10 lbs of chicken breasts. Made SWMBO cheese ravioli and texas toast for dinner. Gave Poop Dog most of mine (ugh!).

And that’s about it. Think I’ll either set up and scan some pictures or go fly something I haven’t flown before and crash somewhere I haven’t crashed before.

I’m really looking forward to this movie!

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