Wednesday and SWMBO’s At Work Again.

Now, what the hell was I going to write about? Hmmm… I hate these senior moments.

They had "Giga-Thrust Quake" on tonight. Guess that’s supposed to be worse than a "Giga-Quake". But that’s not what I was going to write about. Dirty Jobs? James Cagney night on TCM?

Went to the property and moved dirt today. It’s still cold out there. Worked mostly in and around the clearing. But me going to the property on a non-rainy day is to be expected so that can’t be what I wanted to write about either. Damn!

My brother-in-law? Don’t get me started.

Gotta do dishes but I know y’all aren’t interested in that. Hmmm…

Oh, yeah! Rented the movie (which SWMBO hates. "Why am I paying for Netflix?" she asks.) "D-War Dragon Wars." The special effects where outstanding. Especially the giant snakes and the Dragon (at least it was an Asian Dragon) at the end. But the movie sucked. Even the music/sound sucked. And how in hell did a Korean Myth get transported to Los Angeles and all the main characters turn White? What, was Cha Jin Hyuk & Kim Jeong Hoon busy? I know, I know. NOBODY played a Korean like Mako.

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