Trash Dumping Bastards!

Nice day out! Not really warm but comfortable. Sunny! So after church I went out to the property to move some dirt around. Worked on the road just below the clearing. Got a lot done. Filled in one of the BIG holes left over from the Dec 07 storm. Then, when I was finished for the day and leaving, I came across a couple of bags of garbage that somebody had dumped on my lower road while I was working uphill. Asshole Bitch Bastard Fuckers! Damn, some people got big balls. I can’t stand people that’ll do things like that. Yes, they OUGHT to be drug out into the street and run over with a volkswagon. I didn’t really have time to take care of the garbage but I sure hope there’s an envelope or something with a name and address in one of those bags. I really do.

What’s kind of funny is that I was taking a video of one of the views from our property that just happened to include a short piece of the road. About 80 minutes into it you can see a vehicle that is going south turn around in one of the driveways and head back towards my driveway. It was about 10 minutes later that I shut the camera down and left and discovered the garbage. Seems I may have JUST missed them. Damn! I really do hope I find something in one of those bags with a name and address.

Ain’t it amazing how one asshole can ruin your day. (Well, he didn’t ruin the WHOLE day!)

Just been sitting around watching "Before The Dinosaurs" type stuff on tv and playing on the computer. SWMBO had Choir practice tonight so I didn’t have to cook dinner. Finished off the meatloaf she made last night. Good! She’s getting more and more disappointed because I won’t join her for the choir even though she keeps asking. Today Marsha at church was sitting in front of us turned around at the end of the first meeting and said that I should join the choir. She liked me voice. Thanks! But I have major mixed feelings about singing in the choir at church. For one thing; if I joined I’d have to spend more time In Church. I spend too much time there as is. Hell, most of the time I go only because I know SWMBO likes it when I do. So I usually go every non-first Sunday of the month cause I really do like to make her happy. Honestly, if SWMBO was to die, after her funeral I’d probably never step foot in ANY church again.

Anywho, Nuff Said.

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