If It’s Thursday It’s Smallville!

Went to the property today and moved mud awhile. Drainage is holding up pretty good. I didn’t mind it sprinkling on me. I didn’t even mind the few times it rained on me. But when it started to hail that was enough and I came on home!
Spent the afternoon finishing up and installing the Media Server I put together. Except for not being able to read much of the text onscreen it’s working pretty good. I kind of like scrolling through my movies and clicking on one and have it play! Cool! Had to put a shielded cable from the vcr to the tv because of interference from the computer but that was about it. Hooked the two external drives to the server until I can afford a couple of 1 TB drives to store all this. (And, YES, I only .avi stuff we own!)
Smallville was good (as usual). At last Chloe said out loud that she loves Clark! Cool! Damn, wish I could tell y’all why I like the show so much. I’m not sure myself…
Anywho, think I’ll go play with Terragen some more.

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