Purty Normal Crap Going On!

Was out moving dirt last Thursday when I noticed a hydraulic fluid leak coming from somewhere under my digger. I parked it and left it to work on later.

Friday was Date With SWMBO and we went out kind of early (for lunch actually) at Taco Bell and I had to run around getting copies made of our guesstimates so I didn’t get back out to the property that day. Had a nice walk around inside Staples. Bought MS FS2002 for one of the Missionaries for $10. I think mine cost $50 a few years ago. Mostly sat around watching tv and playing on the computer Friday night.

Got up early this morning. Headed out to the property earlier than I usually do so I could work on the Digger. Crawled underneath it and tightened up all the connections I could reach. Didn’t see any worn hoses or sprung thingies. Filled it up with hydraulic fluid and spent a couple of hours moving dirt around. Didn’t appear to leak anymore so I guess I got it. Must have really heated something up the other day and it started leaking. I don’t know. Damn it, Jim, I’m a retired Hospital Corpsman. Not a mechanic!

Fed the Missionaries this evening. SWMBO made her Chicken Paprikosh(?) and it was good. One of the Missionaries got clumsy and spilled grape juice all down his white shirt! I got most of it out but that shirt will probably never be the same. Loaned him one of my (non-white) shirts to go to the meeting he had with the Bishop. (Dang! I should have called the Bishop and said that I think one of the Missionaries stole one of my shirts…)

I’ve finally HAD to make myself a calendar of things to do in order to get anything done. I’m so busy doing things (on my computer) that I don’t get a lot of anything done. Know what I mean? I need to scan all my pictures, rip my dvd’s to avi files, keep my movie database updated, study mysql, php, Ham radio stuff and a bit of accounting and all the normal stuff I do. Sometimes I have so much to do I can’t make up my mind what to do and don’t get anything done. Like right now: I’m doing this entry AND ripping the avi’s of the clouds I took earlier into jpg files to assemble into another time-lapse movie of clouds (really pretty sunset tonight).

Gotta go. Y’all remember to "spring’ your clocks ahead an hour tonight of you’ll be an hour late for church tomorrow morning!

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