Snow? In April?

WeatherPersons have been predicting snow the last 3-4 days. Originally for Friday but that didn’t happen. Here at least. Woke up to reports of snow all over the place over Monroe way; but none here. It’s 1700 now and I still haven’t seen any snow here. Hail and it really looks like it wants to snow out there but no actual snow. Yet.
Catch up: Didn’t do much last Thursday. Gas costs too much to go out to the property every day now. Smallville was a bitch! Lex kills Lionel and his Secretary. Confrontation between Clark and Lex. Lana’s still out of it (step on in there Chloe!). Commercial for next weeks episode looked pretty good too!
Friday was our usual date night. Almost. Except we took the Missionaries to Pizza Buffet at FodGothers around noon. We took off from there about 1130 (I like being early to an appointment) but had a flat just before getting on the freeway. And of course it was cold and windy and I was sitting in the edge of the road changing the tire. But nobody hit me and I got it changed pretty quick. Dropped by Les Schwab and they replaced the tire free of charge. Cool! We don’t buy tires anywhere but from Les for this reason and they’ll fix a flat for free.
Battlestar Galactica was a bitch! Starbuck’s going nuts and a skin-job killed Callie. Cylon fighting Cylon! Cool! In some ways I’ll hate to see the end of this season but it really does have to end somewhere.
Today (Saturday) SWMBO took off for the Genealogy (as usual) and I suited up and went out to the property. Didn’t see any snow going there or coming back. Raindrops sure looked thick a couple of times though. I figure another degree drop in temperature would have turned it but it didn’t happen. Worked on the road a bit. Was nice and warm when the sun was out but the wind was CHILLY. Didn’t do too much though as I’m almost out of diesel and diesel is $4.47 a gallon right now. Damn! Guess from now on I’ll have to actually plan what I’m going to do when I go out there.
Came on home and have been watching OLD sci-fi movies (Catwomen of the Moon, Day The Sky Exploded, Day of the Triffids, etc) and fixing meatloaf for dinner. It’s smelling GOOD in here and I’m ready to eat. SWMBO isn’t home yet though; she was going to stop by Albertson’s and do some shopping on the way home. She should be in any minute…
@ 1723 if finally started to snow. Sort of. Oops. Stopped.
SWMBO got home, ate and drug me to Lowe’s to look at stovetops and ovens and stuff. COSTCO was closed. (Phew!)

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