How About Death Valley?

Was watching a show on Discovery or History (one of those "learning" channels anyway) and they were talking about alternative ways to generate electricity. One segment said we could use a thousand square miles of Nevada to build solar collectors and provide all the power America needs. Or we could use about the same amount of space in Illinois (or somewhere up north) to build windmill farms and do the same. Well, what about Death Valley in Southern California? I mean, what else is it being used for? We could put up both solar collectors and windmills. Hook the solar collectors to water pipes and generate some steam also. That should generate even more electricity. Oh, sure, the poisonous snakes, lizards, tarantulas and scorpions would have to find somewhere else to live; maybe we could move them to Gila Bend, Arizona.

Friday ’date nite’ was great. Got to spend time with SWMBO. We drove to the Silverdale Mall and ate "Mall Food" for brunch. Then walked the mall to use up some of those calories. We broke another of our personal records also. WE WALKED RIGHT PAST BARNES & NOBLE without stopping. Battlestar Galactica was pretty good! All the ’hidden’ Cylons are going nuts. Crazy.

Today, Saturday, I got out to the property to cut some firewood. Also felled 3 more big trees to clear the area I want for a yard after we build our dome. Nice day out! Not nice enough to get naked but almost. For dinner SWMBO made Tuna sandwiches and I went to the store and bought chips. Was good. She also MOWED today! Wow! (She mows, I do dishes. Course, I do dishes about 150 times for each time she mows but it all works out in the end.)

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