We Set A Record!

Saturday we had a small amount of snow. Sunday, just as I arrived home from church, it hailed like crazy when I got out of the truck. Monday woke up to a very light dusting of snow… Is Summer Never Going To Get Here?!?

We set a world record, for us, yesterday: Went to Albertson’s for some ginger & a lemon. Walked out with the ginger, lemon and bagels. We Got Out Of Albertson’s In Less Than 10 minutes and under $20! Wow! Then we stopped by COSTCO for dog biscuits & a case of those frappuccino drinks (they’re only $1.19/ea if you buy it by the case. $2.40 if you buy them down at the corner store.) We walked in, found the dog biscuits & Frappuccino’s, paid the bill and walked out. 10 minutes and less than $25. Wow. Double Wow! Next there’ll be GAS in SWMBO’s car when we’ve got someplace to be in 10 minutes but don’t get me started…

Haven’t been out to the property. Gas costs too much. Think I’ll have to get out there tomorrow though. We’re running out of wood to burn and I need to get some more. Need Gas. Need Fuel. Need 2-stroke engine oil. Savings of .03/gal at Safeway just doesn’t make it. It might be cheaper to go to electrical heating for the next couple of weeks. But what happens if it doesn’t get much warmer? It happens up here every once in a summer or so.

Set the MediaServer up to rip my dvd’s and convert them to divx files. Why should it just sit there doing nothing if we’re not actually watching something on it? Yeah, it may be only a 1.5ghz machine but it really does have all the time it needs to convert files…

Think I’ll Try Again!

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