I’d KILL For 6 Straight Hours Of Sleep!

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday was out at the property moving trees & dirt around trying to get ready to rent a big dozer to really move some dirt. Damn Fine Days out there! Nice and Hot and Nice! (What can I say? I’m a hot weather person!)

Evenings I’ve been "playing" on the computer. Sometimes making new music for a new video. Scanning pictures. Trying to make my web sites look & work better. Checking to see how my associates stuff is doing and how to make those more noticeable. Messing around. Tried to make a virtual drive for OS2 Warp 3 & 4. Damned hard time even making the installation floppies (I use floppies about once a year. Or less. And I have to use a USB floppy cause my computer doesn’t have one installed.) then the thing won’t ’boot’ from them. Would have been nice to play with.

Had an appointment with the Architect today at noon. He does nice work. He even has good ideas about things! We really didn’t change much. Added a door here. Shaped the roof there. Figured out what kind of windows will go where. You know, small stuff. Another couple of weeks and we’ll be ready to go over electrical & Plumbing.

Stopped down the hill from the Architect at a house our (probable) future Contractor, Mark Beard, is building. An ICF house. Walked around a bit checking things out. Looks nice. BIG place. Three stories of ICF construction.

Then SWMBO took me to breakfast at El Sombrero’s in Port Orchard. Great food!

And that’s about it. Battlestar Galactica isn’t coming on tonight and probably won’t until next April or so. Damned Sci-Fi Channel! So it looks like my tv will stay on the History Channel until about bedtime. (Dogfights, Dogfights, Moden Marvels: Freight Trains & Modern Marvels: Chocolate.) Maybe I’ll make some brownies tonight…

My Dad

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