Ought To Get Caught Up!

Last Saturday I went to the 1000-1400 session of the USS Turner Joy (DD-951) Reunion aboard the TJ. Was okay. Lots of "older" guys there from all over the country. Most of them seemed like decent people. Was nice walking around the ship. That smell of tile, oil and whatever hits you in the face when you step inside and it’s like you’re still stationed aboard. Flashes you back instantly.

During the meeting they were brainstorming on how to get move visitors aboard and one of the guys, that works on the USS Midway (I think) down in San Diego, mentioned those wireless headsets and the canned talks given throughout their ship. I mentioned that I had a lot of crappy old video from the last Westpac and they ought to put up a big screen tv and show (most of) that video I took. Somehow I volunteered putting something together. Then somehow I wound up with several old TJ cruise books to scan and do something with. That’ll teach me. The TJ’s in dire financial shape. I’m thinking of putting a "Donate" button for the ship on my sites and starting a paypal account just for that. Any suggestions out there?

Sunday: Had a short meeting with the TJ crowd and got some more pictures to scan. I think this project will be fun. Afterwards I went on out to the property and pushed over some more trees. Sunday evening I spent working on our New Home Site.

Today: Back out to the property. This time I started cutting all the trees I’ve pushed over into lengths and neatly stacking them off to the side of the clearing. Tomorrow I’ll finish up the pile I have left plus the couple I have to move to the pile and start hauling them down the hill.

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