Sunday, Sunday. SSDD.

And I do mean SSDD! There just ain’t much going on. Well, not if you count the every-day things as just every-day things, that is. So I guess I ought to give you the most boring blow-by-blow anyway. Let’s see. Last entry was, Holy Shit, the 13th. Daymn! Last:

Sunday: Nice warm day. Which I spent at home. Got dishes done. Rearranged the storage room and our internet electronics. Fixed the back sliding door. Some laundry. Played with a few of my video editing programs. Dirty Jobs Marathon.< ?xml:namespace prefix = o />

Monday: Damne Fine Day! Half of which I spent out at the property just laying in the sun and reading.

Tuesday: Damn Fine Day! (Which means sunny & warm to me. Sunny & "Damn it’s HOT!" for real Wasrhingtonians.) Half of which I spent out at the property just laying in the sun and reading. Took SWMBO to Q-Doba’s for dinner as she really likes their food and a new one has opened up at the COSTCO shopping area. Had a chicken taco salad. Wasn’t too bad. It’s kind of "foo-foo Mexican."

Wednesday: Fairly nice weatherwise. But kinda cloudy/hazy. Warm though. Stayed home as my truck was in the shop getting a new alternator. $425! Phew. Meanwhile, I cleaned the woodstove and did some other stuff around the house. See, SSDD!

Thursday: Got up EARLY and got out to the property with Phil & Matt EARLY to meet the driver picking up my logs. Had a whole load! Cool!Then Phil & Matt & I cut some wood and brought it back to Phil’s house. Been scanning SWMBO’s pile of papers she asked me to run through the scanner. Thank Goodness for the Sheet Feeder!

And, of course, it was the season 8 premiere of Smallville! Too cool. Noticed during the credits that Kristen’s name was missing so it really looks like the Lana Angst is over. Great! But I don’t know about Chloe giving up on Clark to marry Jimmy. Still think they should get together for a couple of weeks anyway!

However, Michael Rosenbaum was also missing from the credits so it looks like they’ve moved Lex on to other things. Which is good as it follows the Superman legend closer to what it’s supposed to be. They’d do great to have Lex come back every so often to menace Clark anew. And they did take Lex just about as far down the path to evil as they could. Still, I’m going to miss Michael’s portrayal of Lex.

And speaking of moving on: I’m glad they finally have Clark moving away from the farm and working at the Daily Planet. I hope you guys know that I hope the show goes on for another few years! I don’t like the new character as the acting CEO of Luthorcorp though…

Friday: I had a headache all day.Took SWMBO to breakfast at FHP. Took a load to the dump. $15 for a truck full of stuff. Got the final (maybe) plans from the Architect to go over this weekend and if there are no changes then he’ll send them to the Engineer Monday. Engineer usually takes a couple of weeks for his part. Then it’s off to Mason County‚Ķ (But I wouldn’t bet on it being Monday. SWMBO still has to go over the plans and she just cannot not change something!)

Saturday: It rained most of the day so I stayed home and goofed off. Well, except for driving to Sears in Silverdale and picking up my new tool box and bringing it home. Big thing! Then I spent a couple of hours putting it together and trying to get all my tools in one place. THAT job ought to take a month of Sunday’s!

Today was a SSDD Sunday. Did the first session at church (one of the sister’s told me I had a nice singing voice) and then drove out to the property and spent an hour making sure my drainage was working right. Mostly it was. Put in a couple of small trenches to catch more runoff and direct if off the road. Than came on home and have been backing up some of the stuff I’ve ripped to DVD (as .avi files). I’m doing that cause I’d hate to have to re-rip all that stuff if I ever lost the hard drives in the Media Server. Made baked Ham and steamed green beans and SWMBO made candied yams for dinner. Was yummy!

And that’s about it. Are you bored to tears yet?

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