Damn We’ve Had A LOT Of Snow!

We don’t usually get this much. It’s put down about 6 inches since 0730 this morning (it’s 1530 right now). Big Poofy Flakes too. I mean we are getting slammed dunked!!
Took Phil to COSTCO for some veggies and so he could stop by each and every spot they were handing out food samples. Took 45 minutes (for a 15 minute drive) in 4-wheel drive (4-wheel Low) and a couple of times I was wondering if we were going to make it. One the way UP Fagarude (Fagaria? Anyway, Steep Hill) we going slow in 4 wheel & 2nd gear when we were passed by a truck sliding downhill. Luckily the other truck got stopped before going through the stop sign at the bottom!
Took the long way back down by the water to avoid sliding down that hill. Pretty drive but most of it was spent going less than 25 mph. Dropped Phil off at his place and was about to pull into my driveway when I saw the Mail lady stuck in the ditch about half way up the hill from us. So I went up, hooked up a chain and pulled her out of the ditch. Cool! Was kind of fun.
Been watching Wall-E and keeping an eye on the news. Things are really bad out there weatherwise. Police now won’t respond to an accident unless there’s injuries. The “authorities” want us to stay home unless we absolutely Have to get out. I can understand that.
Just not much else going on. Snowed in, I guess.
Here’s some video of SWMBO & PoopDog playing in the snow…

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