You Want To Talk About SSDD?

Then stick around ’cause it’s 100% SSDD around here. Mostly.
Mostly spend my days just hanging around the house. Have gotten a bit of scanning done. Cleaned the place up. Trained the dogs. You know; normal everyday boring stuff.
Did give away Jeff to our Home Teacher’s daughter. Kinda sad to see him go. Not really. Kim wants Mutt this Sunday. Not soon enough for me. This is the most ’clingy’ dog I have ever seen in my life. At least he’s learned to poop outside. Trying to get him to ’play’ hasn’t really worked. Yet.
Did meet our GeoTech (Engineer) at the property today for his walk around. I left with promises of what he was going to write up for Mason County and he left with a check for $995. Steve does good work though. He probably needs to work on speed though… It was cold and foggy up there today and there was still snow on the ground. I got so cold my toes hurt. Brrr. Digger did not want to start.
Downloaded Smallville & Supernatural this morning before heading out to the property. Watched it earlier this evening. They’re on the verge of losing me. Bringing Lana back was a mistake. Giving her a ’supersuit’ is almost unforgivable. She’s got to take off to some other place that needs a superhero. If Clark can’t get together with Chloe then he ought to get together with Lois. And where are the other characters that make up this story?
Now I’m a CSI freak. Like CSI Miami also. Couldn’t be one but I like watching them.
Still ripping movies to my media server when I can. Drives are getting full.
And really that’s about all that’s happening around here. I told y’all; I lead a very boring life.

Watched (most of) something called “Disaster Movie”. It Sucked!

We had a 4.5 quake? I was asleep and didn’t feel a thing.

Headline: Tour bus crashes near Hoover Dam, killing 6. Watch the tour company charge the survivors more for the ’unexpected’ thrill ride.

Headline: Gov’t launches criminal probe in peanut recall . How long before we hear the term “PeanutGate?” Any takers?

Headline: Stocks’ January drop isn’t welcome sign for 2009 . Duh. Ya Think?!?

Headline: House set to vote again on analog shutdown delay . Isn’t it amazing that the Govt has been telling us for the past couple of years exactly when the switch over was going to be but “Millions” still aren’t ready? I say: Fuck ’em. If they’re that stupid (probably from being glued to the boob tube) then they deserve what they get. Or don’t get as it were.

Headline: Virtual heroics: Gamers can try NYC river landing . I gotta admit, I did it but with MSFSX & X-Plane 9.

Headline: Fire station burns after cooking mishap . Cool!

We Gone!

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