My Week. Should Be In A Nut Shell…

Been cold and cloudy (mostly) and I just haven’t been doing much. Little ripping. Little scanning. Lot of listening to the tv. Did I mention that we got rid of cable tv and went to a faster internet connection only? (Guess I ought to read my own blog!)
Big thing for me this week was the return of Smallville & Battlestar Galactica. So Thursday night 2000-2100 I was glued to the tv set. Friday night 2200-2300 again.
Smallville: Nice show. Liked the “Legon” but thought that anyone from the year 3000 would speak completely different than we do. Look how much speech and slang and idioms have changed just since 1800 or so. (That’s the year 1800; not the hour!) Remember when “gay” meant happy? Other than that I liked the episode.
BSG: Well! Earth was a Cylon Colony. Starbuck finds her own dead body. Sol, Terrell et al having memories from 2000 years before. When Dee killed herself I damned near came up off the couch! Damn!
Finally got out to the property for a couple of hours Saturday. Sun came out. It was almost nice. No, it was nice, just cold. Still, the sun was out and I was on my digger accomplishing something. Sun was great! I’d have gotten naked if it had been, oh, 30 or 40 degrees warmer.
Headline: ’Anything possible,’ Obama tells joyous crowd” – Really? My Ex- could give me back all that alimony I’ve paid over the years? Cool! I’ll just sit over in the corner here until the check arrives…
Headline: Mich. dad told to pay for child’s birth or wed mom. Which is a double jeopardy thing, isn’t it? Let’s see; pay for the birth (and child support for 18+ years) or marry the mom and just turn over any money he makes for the rest of my life. Hmmm…
Headline: 5 white-knuckled minutes aboard Flight 1549. What they don’t mention in the News is that 4 people had to be crowbar’d from their seats cause their anal sphincters were cinched up tight…
Headline: Many Ill. voters resigned to political corruption. Wanting To Take Part In Same. News at 11.
Headline: Former Okla. sheriff convicted of rape, bribery. Please put him in General Population.
Headline: US military deaths in Iraq war at 4,228. And I’m beginning to wonder: Why?
Y’all have a nice one!

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