Sorry, Some Headlines Just Crack Me Up.

From Our Local News:

Headline: Rare sea otter sighted on Oregon Coast . What they didn’t say was that it was hanging from the antenna of a 54 Chevy going 60 mph southbound down Hwy 1.

Headline: Woman dies after car plunges 350 feet into reservoir . Gee, Ya Think!?

Headline: Why are property taxes going up as values drop? . Because the City/County/State is NOT going to give up one red cent to help out "The Little Guy." Especially this state! Our Governor ran a $100 Million deficit into a $1 Billion deficit. Of course she needs the money!

Just not much happening around here. I have gotten out to the property 4 times this week! Cool! The weather has been, well, not great, but not freezing during the day. Almost got warm enough to take my coat off yesterday!

We had to make an "emergency" run to the bank that may be giving us our loan. I hate driving on that side of the water! And we got lost, of course. Just happened upon the cross street we needed to be on and found the bank. Spent an hour or so going over paperwork and signing things. I swear I didn’t sign that many papers to enlist in the Navy! We did stop for dinner at Burger King on the way home. That Whopper Jr. tasted Good! (I don’t eat a lot of beef.)

SWMBO and I went on our weekly "date" Thursday this week. I caught a killer-cold and really didn’t feel like eating a lot so we went to the Teriyaki Chicken place up by Albertson’s. I tried to have some of the wanton soup but just couldn’t eat. Nothing had any taste. Wasn’t feeling well so we skipped our usual shopping and came on home. A Sudafed, a shot of Robitussen and a shot of NightQuill(?) put me right out. After falling asleep in my chair (and being woken up by my own snoring) I trundled off to bed by 2200 and passed right out. I hate taking cold meds. They always make me drowsy.

The "Great Experiment" seems to be working out well for us. Not that SWMBO watched much tv anyway. I find that the only thing I still miss is the morning news. And mostly tv is "background noise" for me anyway. Been doing a CSI Marathon this past week. Downloaded Battlestar Galactica this morning and watched it. They are wierding me out! I have no idea where the show is headed now.This latest episode made absolutely no sense except to show what a (drunk) bitch Ellen is. You’d expect more from one of the creators of the Cylons.

Anywho, that’s it!

"Bosco" Chavez & Me. 1969. Upward Bound. AWC Yuma, Az

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