Thank You, Lex!

Never thought I’d say that. Don’t get me wrong, I like Lana. But I am damned sick of the "Lana Angst" and am glad that she may finally be out of the picture as far as Clark is concerned. And making her "super suit" absorb Kryptonite without killing her was a stroke of genius. Cool! I think the body at the end, the one identified as Lex, will turn out to be a clone though. Lex is still out there. How much ya want to bet?

Guess you can tell that I still like Smallville. Just downloaded and watched the latest episode. I really like watching it without the commercials! Thanks to the guys that make it available via torrent.

Not much going on right now. It’s early. Think I’ll SSS and maybe go see the latest Underworld movie. SWMBO is talking about going over to a friends house to help her unpack her stuff into her new house.

Me, Grandma holding Anthony & George. 1956

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