What The Hell Have I Been Doing?

Nothing. Really. I’ve had this damned cold that’s kicking my butt! If I don’t have a headache from congestion I’m blowing snot all day. (Pretty picture, that.) Cough Cough.
Really. Last Sunday I missed Church cause I didn’t want to spread this around. Didn’t get out to the property or anything. And it’s been pretty much the same thing all week. Damn! Except Tuesday SWMBO and I went to the Goodwill in Gig Harbor. Looking for an old cassette player to convert our cassettes to digital format. Didn’t find a player but did find a couple of books: Active Server Pages 2.0 & Mastering Autocad Release 11. Got them both for $4. Yeah, they’re old but they’ll still cover the basics. IF I ever take the time to sit down and go through them!
I hate getting old.
Did mention to SWMBO last Sunday that we’d be having snow by Wednesday. Guess what. It started snowing at 2300 last night. By 2320 we had probably a quarter inch of snow on the truck. And it kept coming down too! Hard (thick?). Heavy, I guess. Only accumulated an inch so SWMBO didn’t have any problems getting home from her work in Renton.

Believe it or not: Things seem to be moving forward at the Bank and with the County on getting our house built. Double Damn! We got a big envelope of papers to sign for the loan and our Contractor stopped by yesterday to pick up the signed contract (and a check for $1000) and a check for $1000 for the Tress Engineers. Cool! Now I just gotta keep getting up there to finish that crawl space and get the dirt moved out of the way.

Didn’t win the Mega Lotto. Again. I kind of like that machine we can use to check the numbers; it doesn’t flash “You’re A Loser” when you don’t have a winning ticket. It very politely notifies you that “Sorry, Not A Winner.” Sure would like to find out how it reacts to a winning ticket! So I spent another buck for another ticket.

Found that KOMO 4 netcasts it’s news in the mornings (and other times I suppose). Got to watch all the chaos our little bit of snow caused this morning. I’m getting to know Yahoo Video real good too!

Gotta go blow my nose.

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