Had To Completely Rebuild Windows…

But what’s strange about that? I have to do it once every year or so anyway. THIS time it was because of a viri/trojan I got from a torrent site. I clicked on the link for a torrent and, next thing I know, Spybot is asking me if I want to approve a registry change. Damn! Did a scan with several utilities I have and found several trojans. System was booting slow, shutting down slow and just running crappy anyway so I figured I’d just reinstall. Tada! This install is running great (so far) and I made a backup with an old copy of Ghost and saved it to a dvd. Cool!
Guess what: I woke up at 0600 Sunday morning to see it snowing outside. Frakkin’ Snow! Middle of March. Can you believe that? We had about 2.5 inches by 1000 and it was all gone by 1500. Damn! They (TPTB) canceled church and everything. So I stayed home and rebuilt Windows.
Not much else going on. Raining since yesterday evening. Had some high winds come through and knock out the power just long enough to kill my phone conversation with a friend back East. According to the news it did some damage around the area; but not particularly in our area. Good! (I mean good that it didn’t do much damage in MY area.)

This reinstalling Windows is something. I didn’t realize how much junk I had installed. There is stuff on the old drive that I haven’t used in, oh, probably two years. So I’m not reinstalling anything I don’t use on a regular basis. Doing Office XP now (I like the toolbar!) and will get to my “sims” momentarily. Can’t go too long without jumping into a plane and buzzing someplace (The White House) or shooting something out of the sky in Lock-On. Think I’ll install either Rail Sim or Trainz; whichever it is that lets you design your own layout.


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