Still Still Still SSDD Around Here!

My life doesn’t change. Pretty boring.

Started packing our stuff in boxes for the (probable) move to the new house. Living room and Dining area both look like disaster zones with piles of boxes. SWMBO and I need to be skinnier to get around inside now! Even if the house deal falls through we’ll be moving from this house. I couldn’t stand another winter here with the wood stove going. Too many headaches.

Oh, SWMBO made dinner last night!

Yummy! Yummy! Crawdads!

Just not much going on. Trying to rip the last row of our DVD’s before packing them up for the move. Hard to do with the dvd drive not working on my computer. Oh, SWMBO let me order a new base system from TigerDirect. Intel Quad 3.75Ghz system with 4 Gig RAM. I have to assemble it but I’ve been building my own since forever. Got an e-mail that it’s been shipped and should be here by Friday. Cool!

We went to see that new Wolverine movie last Friday. It was okay. About half way through I was thinking that I could have waited for the DVD to come out. Really liked the opening sequence though. And that guy that played Victor (liev schreiber), well, I’ve never really liked him in anything he’s been in (except for maybe The Manchurian Candidate remake), but thought he did pretty good with this part.

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