Well, Hell, What Can I Say?

Been busy? Well, sorta. Kinda. But, sometimes it’s so boring that I just haven’t anything to write. Even though this blog is dedicated to the every-day minutia(?) of the average American life, sometimes I’m too boring even for myself.
Let’s see: Been running back and forth from here to Belfair almost daily to sign different papers for the house we’re trying to buy. We had the house inspection last Thursday and had to be there early for that. (Issac?) did a great job. Only thing that was really troubling to me was the heater in the MIL apartment shorting out and popping the circuit breaker when we tested it. That’s gotta be replaced. Then more papers to sign trying to work all that out. And even more to sign when the Sellers respond. I didn’t sign this much to join the Navy!
Other than that; just not much going on. I’ve been out to the property a couple of times but, now that I don’t really have a plan to accomplish something that will get us to building a house, I just don’t do anything but sit in the sun (if it’s out) and read. Started practicing building rock walls with the boulders I’ve dug up but I can’t even hardly justify the fuel to do that now that we aren’t building up there. Bummer! I do so enjoy just being out there!
Speaking of which: had a really nice day the other day and I managed to just lazy around the property laying in the sun and reading for a few hours. Would have stayed out there later than I did but got a headache. (WHERE are these damned headaches coming from?) Since then it’s either been cold or raining. Usually both (like today!). Ah well. That’s Warshington weather.
Sat around a couple of hours last night playing all the music video’s I’ve collected from various places. Wish I could write music! I’ve been trying to learn a couple of different programs (Finale & Fruity Loops mostly) but haven’t the musical background to really compose anything. Fruity Loops gives me a lot of instruments to use and I can get down to the note level; but has a high learning curve. Finale does the same thing but gives you a music sheet that you place notes on. Again with the high learning curve. I practice (sometimes!) on the keyboard Phillip is letting me use, but I just don’t seem to have the time!
I’m too old for this shit!
Been watching the news (online) about the Swine Flu. Sounds like the furor we had over the SARS scare a few years ago. That came to nothing. I think this Swine Flu thing will come to nothing also. Oh, I could be wrong; but enough other people are worried about it that it’ll get taken care of. Funniest thing about it (if there is anything funny) is the Scientists looking for another name for the Swine Flu cause they don’t want people to hate Pigs (or have it associated with Pigs or something like that). Go figure! This virus had genetic material from humans, birds & SWINE. So I guess you could call it the Flying ManPig Flu. (Or the HBS Flu?)
That brings an interesting question to mind: If Muslims (of all denominations) can’t consume Pork because it’s an “unclean” animal; what happens if they catch a virus that contains genetic material from Swine? I mean, other than the obvious. (The obvious being that you’ve caught a VIRUS and we haven’t any way to treat (kill) a virus without killing the host.)
Keep getting notices that I have a new member joining my blog; Cool! Although I have to wonder about your level of sanity for reading this drivel, I do appreciate you checking in. I just wish y’all would leave more than a user name and e-mail address. Tell me something about yourselves! The two most popular e-mail domains for people joining my blog are Gmail and Mail.Ru. Mail.Ru is in Russia! Now why would Russians be interested in my blog?
Let me tell you a secret…
That got your attention, didn’t it!?

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