Windows 7 Ain’t Winning Any Friends Here!

Windows 7: Installed. Uninstalled. Re-Installed. I’ve managed to get the BSOD 9 times tonight just installing software that I usually use. Hell, even this program, Post2Blog, BSOD’d me. I’m ready to stick my old drive, with my Windows XP Pro, back in and just update the drivers for the new system. I’m beginning to think that that would be easier then getting Windows 7 working. I do like most of what I see in Windows 7; though so far it hasn’t been worth the hassle.

I’m so sore from the waist down! Spent the last two days packing boxes and moving them into the PODS thing we got for the move. I knew we had a lot of stuff, but not this much! Damn! We’re going to need the whole 4300+ sq ft of the new house just for our junk!

Weather has been the usual. Raining some. Sunshine some. It’s cooled down a lot from what we had just a couple of days ago. Sucks!

And that’s really it. Just checking in.

(Damn! BSOD’d on me trying to put a picture in!)

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