Man, We Had Us A Storm Yesterday!

About 1230 I heard some thunder from outside so I set up my video camera hoping to catch some of it on video. The thunder kept getting closer and closer and was really sounding good! About 1500 it started raining, then it started raining harder. Then harder still. Then some light hail. Then some more not so light hail. Then a veritable downpour of nickel to quarter sized hail so hard it was literally waterfalling off the roof! Then we got some lightning right over head. Lasted about 20 minutes and, according to the rain gauge I have set up, we got .21 inches of rain in that 20 minutes. It was the best cloud burst I’ve ever seen here! It was so cool!

But, when I went over to my camera it had an error message on it. Something about the "Media Controller File" being corrupt. What!?! Yep. It was toast. Every time I started the camera up it would ask me if I wanted to fix the error; but wouldn’t get it fixed. Then the camera would not record or playback anything. Finally wound up reformatting the hard drive. Damn! Double Damn! Triple Damn! But it works now.

So the only video I have is a small bit I took with my phone. And that video sucks! (Not bad for a phone; but not quite up to the quality of my camera.) And 30 minutes after the storm ended it was nice and sunny and getting warmer outside.

I like living here. Two thunderstorms in the two weeks we’ve lived here! Cool!

Saw a doe walk across our property today. Was nice. Too bad all I have is a BB Gun…

Not much else going on. SWMBO and I went on our usual Friday date. Breakfast at FPH in Port Orchard. Then we went to a few "Junk Stores" (like St. Anthony’s or whatever that store in Port Orchard is named) looking at dressers and end tables for the bedroom. Made out usual deposit into Albertson’s financial account in trade for too few goods.

Saturday evening I surprised SWMBO by taking her out for ice cream. I like still being able to do that.

Got off my lazy old ass today and put the base coat of paint on the part of the wall we weren’t able to get when I did all that painting. Finally got most of the junk out of the living room. All that plastic we spread over everything fit in one garbage bag. Cool! Note to self: Gotta make a dump run this week. And get that can of crushed soda cans to the recycler. (Don’t forget, King!)

Anywho, that’s it from our local. Y’all have a nice one!

Ed & Marty Fusco & I at the beach in Jax, Fla. 1975 or so.

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