Just Not Much Going On Around Here.

Really. Well, except for working around the new house, that is.
Got off my lazy fat ass last Monday and moved everything out of our bedroom (with SWMBO’s help) and masked off everything I didn’t want to paint. Then Tuesday, while SWMBO was at the office, I painted. Dark Blue. It was looking just like SWMBO’s room, except blue, until I got the second coat of paint on. We had to go to Home Depot and get another gallon ($32!) but it looks a lot better with the second coat on.
Other than that it’s SSDD trying to get everything put away like we want it. Built a platform thingie for the trashcans yesterday (and made a dump/COSTCO run). Bought 10 8-ft boards to practice making book shelves with. They were a lot cheaper at the local ACE Hardware than they were at Home Depot. I’m just hoping I don’t mess them up too bad; as I am just getting back into woodworking and don’t have all the tools I probably need. Going to try simple Rabbet Joints.
We got a late start but went to a church picnic way back up in the hills. It sucked. All the food was gone by the time we got there and there was hardly anyone we knew still hanging around. And they made us leave Poop Dog at the gate in a chicken coop thing.
Started canning my annual supply of chili this morning and I’m still not through! I’ve been at this for almost 12 hours. So far I have 30 pints and another load to go. That ought to last me for the year! I had a bowl of it and thought it was missing something but SWMBO had some and liked it. We’ll see how it tastes after sitting on the shelf a bit.
Just plain out not much going on. Weather is finally really decent and I haven’t a place to go. But we are trying out the air conditioner for SWMBO; she seems pretty satisfied with it. (She can’t handle hot weather and it’s been around 90 degrees the past couple of days.)
Oh, finally ripped the last movie dvd we have and am converting it to an avi file as we speak. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the old one). Now I’ll have to start on all the Star Trek, X-Files and other television shows we have on DVD. Will probably have to get another 1.5 tb drive et al to store the files on. Getting short of space on the two 1.5 tb drives I’m using now. Only 400 Gig free on one and 548 Gig on the other. And I either need a new wireless card for the tvserver or run a network cable to it as it ’jumps’ (well, pauses) when showing a movie or tv show. I don’t think the card can keep up with the network: SWMBO’s computer and mine don’t seem to have problems with it. But I’m thinking about running network cables anyway; I just feel better with a dedicated cable. We’ll see…
Let’s see. Have I missed anything in my normal everyday American life? Probably.

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