It Has Been HOT Around Here!

Thank goodness! About time! I have enjoyed this run of hot weather like you wouldn’t believe. Too bad it won’t last… Haven’t seen any thunderstorms yet. Damn, I love this weather!

Other than that nothing much going on. Still working on the temporary book shelves I’m building for the living room. I can been such a dork sometimes! Put the damned thing together half the right way and half the wrong way. Decided to add two more uprights to make the shelves shorter for better support (less bowing from the weight of books) and found that the 3 uprights I already have were an inch longer than the rest of my boards. So I had to take the whole thing apart and cut the 3 uprights to length of the others. WHY don’t I figure these things out BEFORE I put things together?

Put a dvd together for SWMBO where she does a tour of our new house for her folks. Added my video from our Sisters trip and all her pictures from the quilt show. Turned out all right. Sent a copy off to the in-laws and a friend of mine in Pennsylvania. Today I mailed a couple off to Uncles I haven’t seen in years but got back in contact with.

Just not much happening.

Did get out to the property today and pulled up some smaller trees, brought them back to the house and replanted them out back. Want to make a screen of trees just in case whoever owns the land back there decides to chop all their trees down. If this works I’ll get more and plant them all along the front of our property.

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