Damned Computers Anyway!

Turned my computer off before going to bed night before last. Heck, it wasn’t busy doing anything so I figured “Why not?” Wouldn’t you know it; got up yesterday morning, did my usual ( I AM an old guy!) then hit the ‘on’ button on the computer, and, nothing. Deader than my first marriage (but leaving much better memories). Damn!
Damn! Damn! And, of course, the only power supply I have in the house (pulled from the basement computer) is a 300 watt. It barely runs the computer and either a hard disc OR the DVD drive; but not both. ???
So I’m on my way out today (a Holiday) to see if my favorite computer store is open. Think I’ll splurge on an 800 watt power supply this time. Maybe it’ll last longer than 3 months.
OTT, not much going on. It’s a holiday (Labor Day) today so I got up and cleaned up SWMBO’s mess from canning peaches yesterday, did a couple loads of laundry and straightened up the house for when her friends come over for lunch today.
Damn, I was a good catch!

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