Tuesday Update. Like You Really NEED A Tuesday Update.

Didn’t get the wall built in my basement yesterday. Did run out for some additional track for my 25-30 year old N-Gauge train. Drove all the way to Port Orchard, in traffic, to the Hobby store. Except it hasn’t been a Hobby store for two years now. I knew that but HAD ANOTHER DAMNED SENIOR MOMENT! Wound up driving to East Bremerton, in traffic (I Hate Traffic!) and by the time I got home (fighting Traffice all the way) I was too bummed out and tired that I just stayed lazy the rest of the evening.
Did get it as done as I’m going to today. It’ll block wood dust but it ain’t pretty. I’ll make it pretty when I figure out what I’m really going to do with the basement. If I move my woodshop to a steel building outside then I have different plans for the basement. We’ll see.
Just Not Much Else Going On Around Here

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