Wonderful Weather We’re Having!

Not really. Storm moving through today; wet, windy. Figures though; am making a dump run to get rid of all the scraps left over from putting in the new floor. Well, we do live in WARSHington…

Finally finished SWMBO’s bookcase and it is sitting in her room already filled (filled!) with her stuff. Been building one (slightly bigger) for behind my desk for MY stuff. Lots of computer books and discs to store. I have been going through the magazines and pulling out articles I want to keep and making a pile to scan to .pdf’s. Just figured they’d take up lots less room on the hard drive instead of sitting on a shelf (and forgotten).

We got Pears in a few early last week. By last Thursday they were getting kinda soft so I peeled a bunch (what a job! Those things get slicker than snail snot!) and left them in our canning pot in some lemon/salt water. What a mistake! They were so "mushified" yesterday that I couldn’t really use them except for pear-sauce (like applesauce).

I hate being stupid like that! But I did manage to can 12 jars of Pears from what was left (and 4 jars of Pearsauce) so it wasn’t a total waste. Now I have to make sure everything is ready for SWMBO and friend to do Peaches today. (I’m not doing it. I’ve done my canning for the week.)

Have an Uncle Herman that kept sending me invitations to join him on Facebook to see some pictures he posted. Well, you have to join to see anything. I really didn’t want to, I already belong to WAY too many websites. Heck, I have 3 of my own at that Microsoft place that I never use. Heck Heck, it’s hard enough to keep up with this blog nowadays. And with this crappy Internet connection I don’t get online as often as I used to. (Speaking of which I’d better download my mail.)

But I joined anyway to see what the big brouhaha was about and there are Hollies falling out of the sky! BTW, Hollies are my Mom’s side of the family. I haven’t seen a Hollie in, what, 30 years? (Other than my mom and Aunt Betty and Mom died in 1992?) I think there’s a gene, a small bit of DNA, in the King side of my family that just doesn’t keep in touch with family too much. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen anyone from the King side of the family for 18 years or so. Think that was the last time my Dad came out to visit. Hmmm…

Anywho, we’ll see how this goes. I still haven’t seen the pictures he wanted me to see…

I gotta make a dump run!

Clara M. Hollie (about 19 yrs?)

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