Had One Of Those

"Wish I had taken that picture" moments yesterday. Was on my way to Olalla to pick up my friend Philip and take him to COSTCO, going down Lake Flora towards Lake Helena (or Lake Helena to Lake Flora, I always get those mixed up) when I see one of those signs that lets you know that a road crew is up ahead. A large orange diamond shaped sign (it’s really square but set up on one point) declaring "PREPARE TO STOP" and about 20 feet beyond it was the regular always-there STOP sign; and I’m thinking "Well…Duh!"

Channel 13 news has been "covering" some Barristas in some of the local (to Seattle) drive-through coffee stands that will "flash" for change. All kinds of uproar and Seattle (and surrounding towns) are changing their laws to make doing that obscene. Now, I don’t think that getting a "flash" for your change between consenting adults is a bad thing; long as there aren’t any kids around (even though we are sometimes way too protective of our kids). But the vocal minority & Government feel the need to jump in and create/change a law to "protect" us from ourselves. Now, I don’t drink much coffee; mainly only when I get a migraine headache, but if they ( the barristas) ever start doing that over Belfair way I just may drink more.

Not much else going on around here. Weather is getting really sucky. We actually had snow in the mountains yesterday. Damn! I have the feeling we’re going to see "heavier than normal" snowfall this year and it’s going to start by the end of October. Mark my words.

Oh, my desktop computer finally went major TU. I think it’s the power supply. Again. However, I can boot the thing and go into the BIOS to the PC Health Status tab and watch the core temp go from 98 degrees to 132 degrees in less than 2 minutes so it may not be the power supply. I just don’t know anymore. So when I go over to Bob’s this Saturday to download my shows I’ll stop by the EVGA folks and see if they have any suggestions. It should be under warranty and I’ve had the thing only 4 months. Glad I got this laptop when I did!

And, since my desktop is TU my internet access is limited to going to the Library or over to Bob’s house since I Will Not install that Verizon Wireless Access POS program on my laptop. It’s on SWMBO’s and it will not let her access the internet any other way. And it doesn’t work unless their modem is plugged into her computer. Which it ain’t all the time. That’s why she has to borrow my laptop when she needs a computer to give a genealogy talk at the Library.

I am looking for a new desktop. But it’s expensive for me. Even a base system costs a couple hundred bucks. But I need a desktop (fast desktop) for the many things I do with one. Ah well…

Think I’ll go to Home Depot today and put 5 sheets of good plywood on the card. Maybe start the bookshelves for the living room.

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