Yeah, Its Cold & Gloomy Outside…

But I live in "Warshington" so that’s not strange or anything.

SWMBO has been gone these past two weeks to Ohio to visit her folks and do some genealogy searching. It’s been just me and poop dog around the house and there just hasn’t been much of anything going on. Building bookshelves and taking walks to the mail box and back (total of a mile). When it ain’t raining, that is. Guess I’ve gotten soft in my old age.

Went on an NCIS marathon starting last Monday. Started up the tv server, right clicked on the NCIS directory and just let it run. Four days later the last episode that we have played. Cool. Can you think of anything more boring? No, I don’t mean NCIS (I like that program!) but that a tv show is the only thing happening in my life. Sort of. I’m still doing all the other stuff I’ve been doing; trying to learn to read music, beating piano keys to death, scanning and playing with Vue 7.

Speaking of Vue 7; made a landscape and animated it (on the laptop) and the 60 second video took FOUR DAYS to render. Four days! And to top it off the animation didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. Damn! I need a faster, super!, system so I can see my mistakes sooner. I do really like that program though.

Just not much going on. I’m still waiting for Obama to bring down Society as we know it and declare a dictatorship. Still waiting for MY $700 Billion check in the mail. (Heck, I’m still waiting for the $1k refund from the contractor that didn’t get to build our house.) Still waiting for Poop Dog to realize what the hell "fetch" means and I’m still waiting for my epiphany. I don’t care really what the epiphany is about; I’m ready to have it.

I think I just need a job. Even a part time job. Not much available for my skillset in this neighborhood though. Even though I’m a (N)ever (A)gain (V)olunteer (Y)ourself retiree I’m thinking of finding a volunteer position for something around here. The Catholic Church up on the corner is a designated Emergency Headquarters (for emergencies and disasters) maybe they could use some help from someone that has extensive first aid and disaster preparedness training.

Unless you’re independently wealthy this Retirement crap is Crap. Sure, I’d love to go to the beach (even in Washington) or drive down to Mt. St. Helen’s for the day (or even down to Salem, Oregon to celebrate a certain event!) but, at $1.87/mile I just can’t afford it. Same for buying new power tools for the wood shop I’m trying to put together or any of a dozen other things I’m interested in.

Why are guy hobbies so expensive?

Anywho, that’s about it from around here.

One thing I have noticed the past couple of weeks: Even though the dog seems to still get excited its not the same ripping off a good one without the delayed sounds of retching coming from the next room. We kinda miss SWMBO around here…

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