I Was Born WAY Too Early!

I’d really like to be able to go down to my "Man Cave", start up our personal household HoloDeck, strap on a plane from "Combat Flight Simulator," and shoot things out of the sky. That would be SO cool! But don’t get me started!

Not much going on around here. Still mostly working on bookcases and such. Designing the bottom part of our new bed now and waiting until payday to get the parts. Headboard and "nightstands" look okay. To me anyway.

Just before we moved I bought an Intel 3.75Ghz system from TigerDirect.com. Wasn’t too spendy. Got the thing a couple of days before we moved into this house. Anyway, this system has been the greatest pain in the ass I’ve ever had in a computer system. It has not worked right since day one. I did everything I could think of to get it running but it continually overheated and randomly rebooted and just generally wouldn’t work. I finally took it to Precision Electronics in Port Orchard and had them look at it. Well, the motherboard had overheated so many times that it wasn’t any good anymore. Some of the capacitors were bulged out on top (which I hadn’t even known to look for).

So, I spent $100 I didn’t really have and bought a new motherboard. And, wouldn’t you know, the CPU is probably also TU. Damn! I’ve been able to get it to post (pre-operating system test?) 3 times. Otherwise it just consumes power.


This has been the warmest winter we’ve had around here since they started recording the weather in this area. Wow. Except for that couple of weeks of freezing weather last December (officially still Fall) we haven’t had a freeze in our area. Lots of rain but I saw it snow only a couple of times here. No accumulation either time. LOTS of rain though. Our back 40 is still really muddy.

Took the Digger out the other day to help fill potholes on our road. Took about 20 minutes to go the mile to where we were starting! Everything was going on great until I turned her off to take a break. Wouldn’t restart. Ignition switch just made a clicking sound when turned. Hmmm. Got a jump from one of the guys but it didn’t help. Switch is going/has gone bad. Got the Digger started by jumping across a couple of the contacts in the switch but the ’charging’ light stayed on all the way back to the house. Damn! These things are never inexpensive either. It’s not supposed to rain for a couple of days so I’ll probably get out and take it out and see what I can do today. Ah well.

Speaking of which: it wasn’t supposed to rain much yesterday but we had a 20 minute period where it dumped about an inch of rain. I mean it was coming down! Almost thought I’d get some more thunder and lightning. Ah well.

Been converting our cassette tapes to digital format. Re-ripped the last of our cd’s. Getting all the pictures I have left in order to start scanning them. Been converting all the Paper I’ve been saving for one reason ro another to .pdf format (I like Paperport!). Still ripping our movies and tv shows to .avi format and filling up our NAS drives (but, damn, it nice not having to change a dvd or cd when we want to watch or listen to something!). Trying to figure out a way to hardwire the house for network without tearing up a bunch of walls. Wireless is okay but I really do prefer wires for speed and stability and security. Still going over to my friends house on Saturday to download the show we like to watch. I need my NCIS fix!

Oh, decided we’re not going on our Scablands trip this month. Decided to save the money for when SWMBO goes to Utah to do genealogy research next month. Then it’s to Sisters in July. We’ll make it a day trip sometime late summer or so. Shouldn’t have to worry too much about the weather then either. Wanted to make the family reunion in Oct but we’ll have to see how the money goes…

That’s it! Y’all have fun!

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