Maytag Customer Service Sucks!

Last April 2nd we drove  to the DirectBuy store “over there,’ and bought new Maytag washer & dryer. We were told they would be delivered by May 7th. May 7th comes and goes with no word from the Maytag folks about delivery. SWMBO calls DirectBuy to find out what’s going on. Was told that the delivery date was changed to April 30th then to May 13th then back to May 10. Cool. We can wait a couple more days.
May 10th comes and goes with NO word from Maytag about delivery. SWMBO gets back on the phone today with DirectBuy. They’ll call us back. They do: to tell us that Maytag NO LONGER makes the model washer we ordered and there are none in stock anywhere in the country. What!?! And NO ONE from Maytag thought to call us or DirectBuy and pass this important information along?
I sure hope this washer & dryer (whatever washer & dryer we finally wind up with) lasts a LONG time as I will never buy from Maytag again.  No wonder Google lists Maytag as #16 in appliances!
OTT everything is pretty much SSDD. Computer crashed again. So I installed Vista 64 and am rebuilding and reinstalling everything I usually use. What a major pain in the butt!!
Downloaded the install program for my zune (30 minutes) only to have the program refuse to install unless it was allowed to check for updates. Updates? I just downloaded it. So, when I finally got back online (have to wait for SWMBO to take a break from her work) I started the program only to have it spend 30 minutes downloading the Updates. ??? Why didn’t I get an updated program in the first place, Microsoft? I swear  you guys at Microsoft treat us (users) like a chicken at a frat party!
And I’ve got to reinstall Flight Simulator X later. THAT’s going to be fun! I have to call and register it because I’ve had to reinstall it so many times. Why can’t we reinstall and re-register as many times as we need to without hassle, Microsoft? I paid for the program!
But don’t get me started!

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