What The Heck Has Been Going On?

Not much. Pretty much SSDD around here.

I did go take the test for my Amateur Radio License last Saturday. Technician. Passed! So I got my ticket and am a Ham Radio Operator now. Cool! I have my Dad’s old Yaesu FT-7 radio set up in my computer room, built a 10-meter antenna (which receives GREAT on the 20-meter band) and have been listening in until I get in the FCC database. Then I can get on-air and bore many many more people with my stories! Looking forward to it. Was listening to someone from South Carolina (great signal) talking to someone in Arizona. Then a guy (Chuck) in Riverside talking to as many people as he could. It was fun.

Just not much else going on. Still working on the book cases (trim. Which I’ve been saving for a rainy day) and all the usual stuff I do around the house. Updating my Facebook pages in the evenings. Still converting DVD’s to .avi files. Still converting our favorite tv shows to .avi files. Still running out of room on the Media Drives.

Oh yeah. QWEST finally got DSL out to our area so we signed up. Lots faster than Verizon Moble and no limits. Now I can download our favorite tv shows at home instead of driving 30+ miles (one-way) to my friends to do it. Cool! Can upload a lot more to my youtube and galleries also. Cool!

And if I get off my large grade-a old guys ass I can post here more often also. Wouldn’t that be nice.

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