Weekly Roundup?

I know. I know. I’ve been lazy about posting lately. Time just seems to fly by and when I remember I need to post I’m ready for bed. And being OLD I go to bed.

What’s been happening? Just trying to keep busy in my forced retirement.

New Ham Radio came in on Oct 7th (Thursday), was talking to my friend staying out on Pacific Beach via the Capital Peak repeater (145.170) on the 2-meter band by Friday. That 2-meter J-Pole antenna I made is working perfectly. My SWR meter barely flickers when I talk. Now if I can just figure out what to talk about!

My home-made 10-meter antenna isn’t working so well since I put it up on the roof. So much SWR that my radio cuts out. Which is a LOT better than it just burning up; but still a pain in the butt. All the measurements check out and I added a "balun" but it still doesn’t work right. Think I’ll get the parts and put together a dipole today and see how that works.

Still taking the online tests at QRZ.com for the General Class and still getting a good, solid, 50% results. Not good enough to pass the test but better than the solid 46% I was getting last week! If I keep it up I should be ready for the December test… We’ll see.

Homefront is doing well. Trying to get ready for the "La Nina" we’re supposed to have this year. If it gets much colder I’ll park the Digger in the garage where it’ll stay reasonably warm in case I need it to push snow or whatever. It’ll mean parking my truck outside but my truck doesn’t have any problem starting in cold weather.

Still haven’t finished my bookcases. Haven’t had enough rainy days to finish putting the trim on the last of them. That’ll change soon.

SWMBO is still working from home and still doing her genealogy thing.

Did I mention that we sold our other property over on Tahuya River Drive? We did. I still sometimes think that I ought to head out to "The Property" for awhile then remember that I can’t. Not our anymore. Ah well…

Been getting more and more angry about the "state of the Union" and our fearless leaders in Washington D.C. It really seems like Obama and his crowd are out to break this country. Both morally and financially. I say REELECT NOBODY! We know the folks in office aren’t doing us any good so let’s reelect nobody and get some new(er) blood in office. All offices. I’d run for President if I could. It’s gotta be bad if I’m ready to put up with me.

See that little rotating globe down to the right of this page? That proves my blog is read all over the world! Cool! Thanks!

My "Ham Shack."

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