The Walking Dead

I was perusing my favorite site for downloading our tv shows when I came across one titled "The Walking Dead." Season 1 Episode 1 and I thought it would be about "Zombies" or 1st Battalion 9th Marines (a unit I served with way back when); maybe the story of how 1/9 lost their colors.

Turned out the first was right. Not particularly being a "Zombie" type of movie fan I never the less figured; what the hell, I downloaded it so I might as well watch it. (With earphones on as SWMBO has guests over for lunch.)

WOW. I don’t know if it was the earphones or not, but, I thoroughly enjoyed both the filming and the SOUND. A bit too bloody for me (you have to shoot the zombies in the head to actually kill them) but everything right up to the point the one guy couldn’t shoot his "dead" wife was Oscar (Emmy?) material. Especially the sound. The sound effects, the music, even the gunshots were excellent.

I think I’ll be downloading the next episode…

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