Where Does The Time Go?!?

Well, golly gee. Another week has passed and I’ve been just too busy to notice.

Busy? "Doing what?" you ask. Why, Radio Stuff, of course. PSK31 mostly to be precise. Though I did make a voice contact with Hawaii early this morning. That was fun even though we didn’t really talk. DX contests can be that way though.

SWMBO did have her gall bladder removed last Friday. Yep, it wore out. Went bad. TU. Blocked so they had to rip it out by the roots. She did really well during and after the surgery though. She feels now like I did after they ripped mine out; sore like she’s been kicked really hard in the stomach. That goes away in a couple of days though so no worries there. Now she gets to learn about Fat Free Diets! (I don’t know if y’all know it, but, you do NOT want to eat any fatty foods after having your gall bladder removed! You Will Pay For It If You Do!)

Not much else going on around here. Weather has pretty much settled down to Warshington Normal. Mostly cloudy, some sprinkles, just enough sun peeking through to make you really miss it when it hides again. Not too cold though.

Bought a new Pandigital Personal Photo Scanner/Converter off Amazon.com and have nearly burned the thing up. Well, not really. But I have scanned 3963 photos since we got it last Thursday. Everything I had in boxes except for 5"x7" and larger. And I think I can get those done in a day or two on the flatbed scanner. Then comes the odious task of merging directories, checking for duplicates, re-ordering, re-naming and generally organizing the damned things. Then burn them to dvd’s (it’ll definitely take more than 1. Or maybe even more then 2.) Then the hard part: do I burn the originals (once the scans are safely backed up) or give them to someone? I just don’t know. I don’t really have anyone to give them to.

On a brighter note: lightbulb.

Just not much going on. Too busy with housework, laundry, ripping and radio to get out much. Not that I can get out much with the price of gas nowadays. I just wonder how the fight for freedom in the Mid-East can raise the price of gas so much? And I can’t believe that everyone "in charge" would rather pay those prices than tap what we already have in this country. It would *have* to be cheaper. And more dependable. But don’t get me started.

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