Getting Ready For My Trip To Mississippi!

Just wish SWMBO was going along. Ah well. She’d already made plans to go see her folks in Oregon, Ohio when this Family Reunion came up.

Not taking much in the way of clothes on the trip. My backpack will be mostly full of electronics! Radio & Charger. Phone & Charger. Superpad III & Charger. Video camera & Charger. And a *real* book, of course!

Not much else going on around here. Really SSDD. Am trying to build SWMBO a “light box” for her to transfer patterns from paper to fabric but it’s getting spendy. But I’d rather spend for things she’ll use than not.

The meeting of my Ham club went well last Thursday evening. Everybody there agreed we should do a booth at the next Belfair Bites and maybe a day in front of Safeway when the weather gets better (after winter). They even approved me doing a mailing!

Spend Friday and Saturday helping my daughter move across town. I’m getting too old for this stuff! We got it done though.

And that’s about it for now.

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