Turns out – I’m More Depressed Than Busy…

And I can’t figure out *why*. I will, but it may take some time. Ah well.

Not much going on around here. Getting ready for the Grandkids to come over for Christmas day. Gonna make a turkey for Christmas Dinner and open some presents and have some fun.

Got SWMBO a  Nook (and some accessories) for her present. I think she’ll like it being the reader that she is. She got me a new computer. Cool!

Started using the Kindle  that I had originally got for her last April for this Christmas. I like it! I’ve downloaded and read a dozen books already. Decided to “replace” any paperback books I have (that I will read again) with Kindle versions.

Got her a Nook mostly because it doesn’t require that the lights be on like the Kindle does. Doesn’t sound important; until we’re laying in bed reading after a long day and I finish reading but lay there awake cause the lights are still on *forever* until she’s through reading. At least now I can turn the lights off and she can still read if she so desires. Cool!

We’ve already spent WAY too much money for Christmas presents for my youngest daughter and her kids; with more being spent tomorrow. But, that’s what you have Grandkids for, ain’t it?

Wx has been too damned cold for me. Not wet; barely any rain at all. Just too cold. And yesterday was only the first day of winter. Seems like Winter most of the time around here to me. I have several “stages” of my definition of Winter. First stage is anything below 75 degrees; it’s still cold. Anything below about 65 or so; it’s damned cold. Below 55; I’m *really* cold. Anything below 45; I’M FUCKING FREEZZING!!!!! Today it “warmed” up to 30 degrees. You don’t want to hear about it!

Been doing a small bit of woodworking mostly finishing things up around the house. Made a shelf for my radio desk to hold the radio on top and the new AT-300 tuner I got underneath it. Looks okay and really does free up some space on my desk.

Radio stuff has been going okay. I’ve worked South Korea several times the past couple of days and Argentina once; both on PSK31. I’ve started making more voice contacts and talked to a guy in Norman, Ok yesterday. Weekly nets have been going okay. Finally moved the 10-meter segment of my antenna around so the Tuesday evening 10-meter net comes in better. Now I can hear mostly everybody.

Got a meeting of the NMARES club at 1900 tonight. Finger foods for Christmas. I’m about ready to give up on this club; can’t really get anyone interested in actually *doing* anything. Then, at the last meeting, N7YGE reamed me out for encouraging one of our older members to experiment on his computer. Kept on about how “older” guys don’t want to have to figure anything out but to be able to click here, click there, and be doing whatever it was they wanted to do. Wouldn’t have been so bad if he’d just said it once; but he kept on for a couple of minutes. I was ready to walk out.

Anywho, guess I’ve been more depressed than busy these past couple of months and I don’t really know why. Part of it is some years between 15 Oct and Christmas is just plain out a bummer for me since our son, Patrick, died 20 years ago. Some if it is because I get up every morning and check out the job ads and there isn’t really anything I can do. Can’t handle those “young man” jobs anymore; I went out and tried to stack hay for a day for a buddy and damned near died! Sometimes it’s because of that damned Maid outfit SWMBO makes me wear when I do housework! Well, okay, that last part was a lie. She doesn’t *make* me wear anything.

But that’s about it for now. I’m going to make myself sit down and post at least every other day to continue to educate the non-American world about just how boring the everyday life of an everyday American can be. Especially if you’re getting “older” and semi-retired! And, who knows, maybe it’ll make me feel better.

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