Interesting Wx Today!

Started kinda snowing around 1300 today. Snowed a bit harder around 1530. Really started to come down around 1545! By dark we had a couple of inches on the ground. We’re supposed to get maybe 2-8” tonight.

Not much else going on around here. Waiting for the 1930 Mason County Rag Chew Net on 28.450. Finished up with the News. Ate a berry pie.
Got the part in for that 50” LG Plasma tv my friend gave me; wasn’t what needed to be replaced. Damn! More research online points to y-z boards needing to be replaced. Hmmm. Should I spent another $200 (after already spending $120) and still maybe having a tv that doesn’t work? I don’t know.
Kind of went off on Facebook the other night. Obama and his cronies are really pissing me off. I hate that man with a passion! He is without a doubt the absolute worst President we’ve ever had and should be deported back to Kenya where he came from. But don’t get me started!
Think I’ll go count snowflakes and chill out!

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