I Guess I’m Just Getting Old…

Believe it or not, I used to “Type Set".” Dad taught me how when I was a kid and he worked for the Yuma Daily Sun newspaper in Yuma. Occasionally I’d go in and “help” him out in the afternoon before I got interested in other things. It was okay but not something I wanted to do the rest of my life. Even if it was replaced by “offset printing” (which I also learned how to do). Kids nowadays just wouldn’t believe you had to type on a machine that put out a bunch of heavy lead letters that you had to arrange into a holder the size and shape of a page of newsprint.  But I also knew how to read upside down and backwards!

Not much going on around here. Weather sucks for June. Even for the “great” Northwest. I hear these other Hams talking about how it’s 80+ degrees wherever they are, heading up to 90 degrees or more, then walk outside into 58 degrees and raining. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

On the other hand, I’ve been smoke free since April 17th. Not too shabby! This Volcano Inferno e-cig is working just great to keep me off “analogs” and, so far, has been cheaper also. And nowadays I’m into cheaper everything.

SWMBO is still looking for work while studying for her certification. Her test is the end of the month in Yakima of all places. She’ll have to head over the day before and spend the night in a motel but it’ll be worth it when she passes the test. I’ve been debating going with her but probably won’t. Someone’s got to stay and take care of the animals.

Playing on the radio more lately. Talked (voice) to a guy in Australia and another guy in Slovenia. Too cool!

Speaking of radio stuff: trying to figure out a way to do Field Day with the RV for a couple of days. Have to rent a small generator also as the one in the RV won’t run longer than 10 minutes. I’ll just raid the pantry for food for 2 days. That’s the easy part. Gotta figure out which antenna to use and how to raise it. Good thing I have an antenna gun!

Otherwise, we’re not doing too bad. Have the RV, Dump Truck and Digger up for sale. Have a guy coming by Wednesday to look at the dump truck and an e-mail expressing interest in the Digger. Hate to get rid of either but the bucks will help. Ah well.

More later!


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