Goodbye Larry…


I never watched “Dallas”,” but I was a fan of “I Dream of Jeannie.” (Let’s see: I was about 13 or so. Cute blond in skimpy costume. Bare midriff. Yeah, I was a fan! Especially after she got colorized! (Or we got a color TV; I’m not sure which.))

Just not much going on around here, folks. SSDD to the max! Spend my days doing things around the house, listening to the Ham radio or just “goofing” off.

I’ve had my Kindle a year and have read 127 books. (Too damned much time on the toilet, King!)

Canned a lot of tomato’s we grew and a year’s supply of chili.

Our son is still living with us. Moved him to the basement so he wouldn’t have to buy propane every month to heat the RV.

Paper trading is going great and I’m about $6k ahead. Real trading isn’t doing well at all but I’m still in the black.

Not checking into FB, G+ or Pinterest as often now-a-days as before the election. Still can’t believe NObama was re-elected. I’ve known for awhile how STUPID Americans can be, but, damn, didn’t anyone that voted for NObama actually look at the way things are since he took office? Damn, folks!

I’m betting right now that NObama will find some way to stop the next election and stay in office no matter what the laws are.

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