It Has Certainly Been A Week!

Like all the other weeks around here! Smile Not much really changes for us on a day to day basis. Or even on an month to month basis usually. My life is the typical American Daily Boring “I Just Want To Get Along” Life and I kind of like it that way. But I wouldn’t mind winning the Lotto!


SWMBO did take me to Taco Bell yesterday and I enjoyed it as usual. But I like going out with her anywhere (except a couple of places; and even then I’ll go and keep quiet cause she enjoys it) cause I get to spend time with her. Now, probably some of you are saying “Taco Bell!?” Well, I never said it was real Mexican Food; but it does taste pretty good for what it is.


I worked at a Taco Bell in Las Vegas, Nevada WAY BACK in 1968 or so. Menu wasn’t much different then except we had “Bell Burgers” and you could get a tub of refried beans with red/green sauce and cheese sprinkled on top. (Of the beans, not the tub.) I enjoyed it because after a concert just up the street, especially after an Elvis Presley concert, an awful lot of the girls (young women) would come in wearing see-through blouses (some with/some without bras). What was there for a 16 year old male not to like?!?


But I’m old now and, sometimes, really feeling it.

Not much going on. Waiting around the house on this cold overcast Saturday for a lady that wants to come over and look at the MILA; and maybe rent it. Would be nice as we could really use the  bucks! Maybe then SWMBO wouldn’t have to work so hard or long hours. I need to win the Lotto!


I applied for a Tech Support job over in Bremerton but haven’t heard back from them. I think most tech places think I’m too old and too out of practice cause I haven’t worked in awhile. And that may well be; but not for everything. I am learning how to install and set-up Linux. I still know Windows XP & 7 “tech stuff.” I install and “play” with different programs (php scripts mostly) almost every day just to see if I can. It’s fun! It’s what I use “My Other Site” for. Been spending a lot of time updating my different sites over the past couple of days.

And I can’t really do anything “physical” anymore. In that I am getting too old! Last summer I went out and tried to bale and stack hay and damned near died! Not like it was when I was 10-16 years old and could go out and load/unload 100k lbs of furniture in a day. I do still walk at least a mile a day though…


Ah well… Think I’ll go play on the radio for while while dinner is cooking. Going to have “some kind of chicken” over pasta with a side of mixed veggies.

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